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Be the Ultimate VSCO Girl!

Nobody is born 100% VSCO, you have to earn it! Complete the items below and watch your VSCO Meter climb!


Do you know

I don't, help me!

VSCO is a photo editing and sharing app.

I wish, help me!

A VSCO girl is somone who is active on the internet, trendy and has a laid back vibe. They are environmentally conscious (you know — metal straws, saving turtles, etc.).

A VSCO girl has a sense of empowerment and doesn't care what other people think.


I own

I lack VSCO footwear

You could have a pair of crocs, vans or Birkenstocks from Amazon in under 2 days!

My neck is bare!

Puka necklaces come in all kinds of styles and colors. You'll be able to find the right one for you here.

I'm flaskless

A Hydro Flask is the true mark of a VSCO girl. You can get large one, or save a few bucks by checking out the travel size Hydro Flasks.

Tip: Save a few bucks by dropping a Hydro Flask Logo Sticker on your old water bottle!

More than 5 scrunchies? Are you sure?

Oh yeah! You can safely wear 2 scrunchies around your wrist with long sleves and even more with short sleves. There are so many ways you can wear them in your hair too. Just watch this video…

Use a metal straw like it's the law

Plastic is out, metal is in. There are billions of plastic straws on shorelines around the world, and that's not because people are sipping from the ocean.

One of the highest rated metal straw brands out there costs just $8 for a set on Amazon. It comes with two curved straws, two wide straws and a cleaning brush. Metal Straw

That's easy…

Don't you feel trapped in your skin tight t-shirt?

Do you have an older brother or sister that you can borrow a shirt from? Too big, too floppy, that's perfect!

Or, you could design your own oversized t-shirt online.

Let's do this!

The right backpack will definitely give you a VSCO edge, but you need to sure you choose the right color. You'll be safe with yellow, blue, pink or teal (even purple), but avoid shades of red or green. Almost any Fjällräven Kånken backpack is VSCO-approved.


Have you ever said


I have downloaded these apps


I've uploaded a photo/video to


Take it up a notch